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Autumn '17 Kids Styled Shoot

Autumn '17 Kids Styled Shoot

We are well into Autumn, with the cold weather slowly making an appearance. The leaves have started to fall and the sun is not shining as brightly. We are making the most of outside play as our kids love to be outdoors and in the garden.

A Kids styled shoot has been something we have always wanted to do so we locked in a date and incorporated it into our slow sunday gathering. Our beautiful children have grown up together and it is so special watching them play...

IMG_6167Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_5946Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_5950Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_5951Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_6002Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_5975Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_5955Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_6029Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_6028Styled Shoot.jpg

Olivier is wearing: Overalls by Tape à l'oeil ,Shirt by Louis Louise, shoes by Donsje & hat H&M

IMG_6068Styled Shoot 2.jpg
IMG_6078Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_6021Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_6087Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_6170Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_6041Styled Shoot 2.jpg
IMG_6129Styled Shoot 2.jpg

Zara is wearing: Romper Louise Misha, Cardigan Kiabi, tights Collégien, bonnet Buho & shoes Donsje.

IMG_6096Styled Shoot 2.jpg
IMG_6109Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_6160Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_6116Styled Shoot.jpg

Liela is wearing:  dress by Greenberry Kids , socks by Little Creative Factory , cardigan Louise Misha & shoes Aster .

IMG_6117Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_6110Styled Shoot.jpg

Chloé is wearing: Dress by Louis Louise , tights Tape à l'oeil & Aster shoes.

IMG_6146Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_6147Styled Shoot.jpg
IMG_6148Styled Shoot 2.jpg

Travelling by car to Provence

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