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Nurture by Erica Chidi Cohen

Nurture by Erica Chidi Cohen

I knew Erica as she attended the same school as my cousin for many years whilst she lived in South Africa. She gave such a graceful first impression.

For me, a doula is an angel standing by your side & making this emotional yet beautiful journey understood & done with ease. I have always been intrigued and so in awe of the work they do. 

Erica created ‘This is Loom’-a pathways to pregnancy, parenting and reproductive wellness for all. A platform to guide and support all woman pre pregnancy, birth, post partum and parenthood. A mentor who walks the journey alongside you, encourages & supports you in every aspect.

Erica & her dynamic team have created a gem in Loom. They have and continue to be a shining light in so many peoples lives. 

When Erica published Her book Nurture we, at Motherkind had to get our hands on a copy. We don’t get much time to read in our households-a past time that has become golden hour. 

Eagerly awaiting Nurtures arrival we had both set aside some time during our weeks to read with a perfectly brewed cup of rooibos tea... 

Not only is the book the perfectly put together guide, it is a judgement free & informative book that we strongly feel every expected mom should own.

The book is personal & when you start reading it you feel as though it is written just for you. We felt comforted and have named it a ‘safe haven’ for all Women & men embarking on Motherhood & parenthood. It delves deep & covers emotional, physical and psychological aspects of your life that we feel are imperative to tap into on your journey to becoming A Mother and thereafter. It flows beautifully and we battled to put it down once our little ones & the realms of our daily life called. So without giving too much away we would highly recommend all expectant Mothers & Parents-to-be to make this book a priority on your list, you won’t be sorry or disappointed.

Bravo Erica. We, at Motherkind are so proud of you. Thank you for sharing your insight & knowledge with us all. One love. 

We found our copy of Nurture on Amazon-this is the easiest way to order the book if you live outside of America.


* You can find ‘This is Loom’ on instagram.

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