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Travelling alone comes with challenges, but travelling with kids is daunting.

We are lucky that we have the opportunity to travel relatively often. We love to plan our trips in advanced and research the place we have chosen to visit as to make the most of our time there (insight into our upcoming travels will be posted soon).


So this post will be our tips on how to prepare for ones trip, with kids. Whether you are travelling by plane, car or train preparation is key to eliminate stress & to make travelling a fun time for the family.

This post will be our go to & must haves when travelling.

By plane:

-A Stroller is one of the first things we pack. We love the Babyzen yoyo-it is compact, lightweight & folds small enough to fit as carry-on luggage. It doesn't hurt that it is super stylish too.

-The Jetbox Bedbox luggage for kids is a practical & thoughtfully invented suitcase that makes travelling with kids easier. Enough space to store your little ones toys & activities as well as including a lightweight mattress to convert an aeroplane seat into a bed. 

-A practical carry on that is not too heavy & is easy to carry. When you travel alone with kids a backpack is also a good option-before you judge, there are some really stylish ones available. 

-A small gift-We like to wrap up one or two small gifts that our kids can open & use during our travels, for example an educational book, colouring book & crayons, a box with string & beads-something to stimulate and keep them occupied throughout the journey. 

-A natural hand sanitiser to keep those travel germs at bay. There are some great recipes to make your own hand sanitiser without all the chemicals of store bought options. Thieves essential oils is something I also highly recommend-it is an indispensable oil blend. It's also great to wipe on the nose to kill all germs breathed in. For toddlers you can mix 1 drop oil to 1 tsp olive oil and store in a separate bottle. I wouldn't use it for kids under the age of 18 months old, instead always make sure their hands & toys are cleaned throughout your journey.

-A baby carrier allows you to be handsfree while your baby is close to your chest (Win-win situation). Something strong, but not too structured as you will need to store it away when you get on the plane and may have to take it off when going through security control.

-Kids essentials: Make sure all your products are stored in transparent bags-I zip lock all my baby products and I keep all formula portions in ready to use bags so to save time. I also make sure the airline has booked me a kids meal as well as a baby meal-this saves a lot of space in my bag.

Follow these steps & have a 'check list' and I assure you these will alleviate some stress. We know travelling with children is unpredictable, but if you plan beforehand it will help you cope during those difficult moments. 

                                                                    Happy travelling.

The little white dress

The little white dress

Rose infused Coconut hydrating mist

Rose infused Coconut hydrating mist