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Rentrée Scolaire

Rentrée Scolaire

Our little girls start school in September. As much as we know they will love it, make new friends easily and fit in perfectly, as Mothers, we can't help but feel nervous.

In France, children start school at the age of 3 years old. This stage is called 'Maternelle petit section' and is the equivalent of the first year of pre-school in South Africa. 'Maternelle' consists of three years-petit, moyen & grand section'-once this three year phase is complete they move on to 'L'école élémentaire' and so it goes on, so we have had to do our home work on the school system here as it is very different to what we are accustomed to.

We have researched and put together our Back-to-school (in France ' La rentrée') must-haves for our little ones to ensure we are as prepared as we can be for that first day drop-off.

  • A good multivitamin to keep them healthy-We like Pediakid's gummies.
  • A cute backpack-Kiabi has some pretty and afordable ones for boys & girls.
  • Comfortable shoes they can easily take on and off themselves-sneakers, sturdy leather sandals & we love Mary-Jane's for our little girls.
  • We also love these little name tags-there are a few shops on Etsy that make them custom and you can use them for all your little ones clothing and other items. 

Shop all our picks for La Rentrée below:)

We wish all your little ones A Happy & Healthy school year and for our South African readers-A Happy Mid 3rd term. 

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