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Mama Muse Jess Roberts

Mama Muse Jess Roberts

Jess radiates beauty, both inside & out. I have known Jess for many years as we worked together. It is so special seeing her blossom as A Mother and seeing her family grow via social media-this is the very reason why I love instagram and Facebook-it makes living seas apart that much easier and you are able to watch your friends and family share part of their personal life, making you feel as though you are not so far away.

When I decided to relaunch The Motherkind Mama Muse series, this Mama was one of the first who came to mind. She has two beautiful children, Luke & Holly. I love her transparency, natural flare of mothering and the joy she shares with her platform, which equally shines through the personality of her two children.


This is what Jess had to say…

Your definition of A Mother?

The definition of a mother to me is someone who is realistically passionate. Let me elaborate further… A good mother in my humble opinion is someone who is deeply passionate and committed to her children. A good mother is someone who will fight for their children and their cause but also take a step back and let her children fight their own battles when appropriate and necessary. A good mother is someone who is not only passionate about her children, but is passionate about other important relationships in her life too. A good mother is someone who is passionate about themselves, who is passionate enough about themselves to be gentle, to talk nicely to and to look after themselves. A great mother is someone who is realistic about that passion and is honest enough to admit when they are battling, to admit when they don’t have it all together and to be brave enough to say that that is ok, all the while still maintaining her sense of humour.


Who is your Mama Muse & why?

I have been fortunate enough to grow up with, marry into and get to know a number of incredibly strong, passionate and driven Mama’s. My mum and my mum – in – law have both been through their fair share of tough times, and they truly have been incredible role models for me, I don’t think I realise just how lucky I have been.

Any mama trying to navigate the often scary, often foreign and yet blindingly rewarding task of raising a child with extra needs are my Mama Muse’s

In short, describe a day in the life of ‘You’

Two months ago whilst I was still working full time in retail, my day looked completely different to what it does today. I was spending two hours a day in my car and burning the candle from both ends.

I took the very scary decision to go on my own, assist my husband in his business and to focus on Luke and his cause and on my blog, as well as be a more present and hands on mom to both Luke and Holly.

So a day in the life of Jess Roberts generally starts with a 5.30am wakeup call from one of the kids (Jon and I take turns with the early morning wakeups). Dave and Ava is then usually put on You Tube to buy us a few minutes to wake up and make a cup of coffee.

Our incredible nanny Irene arrives at 6:30 to assist with breakfasts and getting ready for school. School starts at 7:30 for Luke and I head to the gym for a workout.

 The remainder of the morning consists of usually being in the office with my hubby until 12:00pm school pickup time for Luke.

Afternoons are left free for the kids and are spent either doing messy play, going on outings or walks or tidying up mess!

5 o’clock is the commencement of the chaos of dinner, bath, bottle, book and bed time (with a family wrestle on our bed thrown in), and by 7 the kids are (hopefully) asleep and Jon and I can have some dinner, catch our breath and hop into bed. And then it starts all over again.


Jess, you are shining the most beautiful light on this world. Thank you for being YOU. The awareness you are creating and your beautiful campaign #justlikeuskids is moving mountains.  

October is Down syndrome awareness Month-You can find Jess on instagram @learningfromluke and you can read all about her story and the awareness she is creating. 


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