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Motherload: Hands-on Father

Motherload: Hands-on Father

Having Riaan as a hands-on Father makes me feel no less of a Mother. He is as much Father as I am Mother, as Women we should feel no guilt when our other halves are as actively involved in our childrens’ lives as we are.

With slow progress, there is still a real stigma attached to this very subject and it is a subject I feel very strongly about that continuously needs to be addressed.

Living in a foreign country has its many challenges and Riaan has literally been my glue when I have wanted to fall apart.

Now, I pride myself in believing and living that Women are dynamic and powerful beings, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t thank the men that have shaped us and supported us to be these very Women.

Our relationship is by no means perfect, but we choose to work at our imperfectly ‘perfect-for-us’ marriage and we adore it just the way it is. I love parenting and doing life with him. He is my calm in this rollercoaster called life and he is the most beautifully doting Father I have ever laid my eyes on.

November is our anniversary month… This month always brings mixed emotions as it is a reminder of how hard it was leaving everything we knew for the unknown (the cold & dark weather doesn’t help either), but it is also a beautiful memory of our magical wedding build-up & wedding day and a reminder of how far we have come, together. Sharing this milestone with our children is the absolute best-Chloé is obsessed with paging through our wedding album and our wedding video is her ‘movie’ of choice.

 We were married and a few days later on a plane to make France our home. 6 years later and here we are. We have grown, wow, have we grown.

So, November will be dedicated to love & growth.

 How have you grown over the past few years?

You may think you have not, but I promise you, if you sit down and journal, you will be surprised how far you have come and blossomed. This deserves a well done… and a celebratory glass of wine (or three).


Love & Light



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