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Mama Muse Claire Mayers

Mama Muse Claire Mayers

Claire is beauty, personified. She is always so serene and confident and her two girls, Charlotte and Catherine are so precious.

I was one of the many, many girls who were patiently waiting for Claire to start a business giving us the opportunity to own one of the curated, hand-made smock dresses her girls wore. A unique & incredible talent passed on from her Mother. Stars aligned when Bunny and Mouse was born.

A dynamic, hands on, family-orientated young woman-I draw so much inspiration from how Claire Mothers her two beautiful girls and runs her new business simultaneously. 


Here is what’s claire had to say... 

Your definition of ‘A Mother’

A mother to me is definitely a patient, guiding, loving and present role. It is so important to have patience with our little ones (this is hard), to set boundaries and to mould them and guide them into becoming kind children.

Teaching children to become loving and kind really starts with the parents, both mother and father, instilling in a child kindness and love through their own actions. It really is "Monkey see, Monkey do".


Who is your Mama Muse & why?

I would have to say that it is my mum. I am one of 6 children that have been raised in a loving, supportive and busy home. Life was always fun, exciting and filled with so many outdoor activities, from riding to waterskiing, my mum always made sure that we were brought up with a love for the outdoors and animals.

Weekly I would arrive home from school to a new cat/dog/chicken/horse/goat/sheep (the list is endless) that my mum had adopted that had been abandoned or abused. She taught us to love animals, to be kind, to help.

She was strict with us (a wooden spoon was never too far from reach), taught us to be strong and voice our opinion, yet at the same time she was the softest most loving and caring mother in the world.

It must have been the hardest and most chaotic job in the world to raise 6 children, and yet we have all turned out to be strong, loving, capable and successful people in our own right.


In short, describe a day in the life of You

On an ideal day (which is as rare as a unicorn) it starts with the girls waking at 6/6.30am (realistically 4.30/5am)

Our little morning ritual is to all have a cup of tea together in bed (which ends up with more tea in or on the bed) to just cuddle before our day starts.

Then Charlotte is off to school and I head to work (which is next door to my house) with Catherine en tow. Things would fall apart if it was just me watching Catherine and trying to work, so I am incredibly lucky to have a wonderful woman working for me called Thembeka who looks after Catherine while I work.

Catherine is only two in April, yet she can already pronounce many words in English and Zulu, I am eternally grateful to Thembeka for teaching her another language.

Work is always a bit disjointed as no day is ever the same. My primary employment has nothing to do with Bunny and Mouse, so some days I may be organising and over seeing cattle inoculations, somedays are just spent at the computer doing spread sheets, other days it is just meetings, and somedays it is cutting out dresses or meeting with the smockists and overseeing their work. It is hectic and busy and sometimes all consuming. So when I get home to my girls in the afternoon, I try to put my phones on silent and just be with them.

We have evening swims, or do art and simply catch up and talk.

Dinner is always entertaining. We do a lot of cooking together, my husband is incredibly good at cooking so often he cooks and the girls 'help' him. Charlotte is a great eater but Catherine always feels the walls, the floor, or our dogs would far prefer her food.

Then it is off to bath time and bed time.

Being a parent is hectic, busy and comes with a huge weight of responsibility. I am constantly questioning my parenting skills and doubting myself.

I am incredibly lucky to have the world's best husband (who is undoubtedly the 'better half' in our marriage), an amazing mother, incredible sisters, and fantastic friends who put my mind at ease, offer the best advice, and let me know that I am not alone on this journey of motherhood.

As the saying goes, 'It takes a village to raise a child"


Thank you Claire for the magical insight into your world. Your sincere and loving approach to Motherhood and your family is palpable. It has been such a delight to share a snippet of your life on my platform.

You can find Bunny & Mouse on instagram and view her range of unique & breath taking smock dresses: bunny_and_mouse and www.bunnyandmouse.co.za/

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