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Mama Muse: Sue Duminy

Mama Muse: Sue Duminy

It has been so beautiful getting to know Sue via social media. Her family is just so gorgeous and she is real ‘Mama goals’. I adore how she interacts with her children. Her first born, Isabella reminds me so much of my Chloé-I think they would get on like a house on fire. Sue is a breath of fresh air, her natural mothering ability and genuinely kind and caring heart is so evident through her platform. Her bubbly personality and humour equally matches her outer beauty.


This is what Sue had to say


Your definition of a ‘Mother’

This word carries so much meaning and so much worth.. the moment you become a mother is when a part of your heart and existence leaves your body and forever migrated to your child’s body. From that moment you become a mother you will never put yourself or your needs first ever again. You will experience a love so deep it will hurt your heart.. a Mother is the most selfless, nurturing and loving person there could ever be. A mother protects and cares and provides.. a Mother nurtures emotions and broken hearts.. a Mother is someone who makes a house a home, give her groceries and she will give you a meal, give her a smile and she will give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges anything given to her. Mothers are magical specimens!

Who is your Mama Muse & why?

My Mamma muse would definitely be Chrissy Teigen, she is raw, she is real and she does not take any nonsense from anybody! Despite being in the limelight she isn’t scared to reveal her stretch marks or her post baby body.. she opened up about her post partum depression and how it affects so many women.. we need more woman like her to speak up and to reveal struggles about motherhood and not feel judged by it.


In short, describe a day in the life of ‘You’

A day in the life of me would usually start at about 7:30 when our eldest daughter Isabella will run in the room and jump on the bed with a “Morning Mommy and Daddy!” Then our youngest Lexi will wake up, my husband will dress Isabella, brush her hair and give her breakfast while I breastfeed Alexa. Then either myself or my husband will take Isabella to school followed by some errands. I will just relax at home then with Alexa, catch up on some emails etc. I will then fetch Bella around 2, after her nap at school. Then I will make some one on one time with Bella by either taking her to swimming lessons, to the park or just play in the playroom at home. We will bath Lexi together at about 5. Then I will start with dinner, Bella is very hands on when it comes to cooking dinners! We will have supper at 6/7 followed by Bella’s bath and hopefully ready for bed by 8pm. We will read Bella a bedtime story and lay by her for bit before we head back to our room and have some quality mom and dad time.


 Sue, thank you for being YOU. Thank you for using your platform to inspire, to be real and to shed a positive and happy aura on our lives. It is Women like you who inspire Womankind & fellow Mothers.

You can find Sue on Instagram @sueduminy & her blog www.inspiredwomen.co.za

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