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Mama Muse Megan Hamann

Mama Muse Megan Hamann

Megan and I crossed paths a few years ago and it was so lovely to connect with her. I love how the world brings you to meet dynamic, gracious and hard working humans (in this case Women). Megan mothers with ease and awe. Her beautiful girls are full of life and contentment with the most heart-melting smiles. Megan juggles being A Mother & business owner with confidence and she inspires me to pursue my dreams, making me feel confident that I too, can succeed.

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You definition of A Mother:

A mother is the constant, the carer, the homemaker, the mender, and the giver. She is the heartbeat of the home.

But we all know, that the balance is real and to be all things to every one all the time, is simply impossible. What I have learnt is that mothers are given a very special role to play, and although some days are tougher than others, we have the ability to dig deep and overcome the impossible.

I can honestly say that being a mother is the greatest privilege!

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Who is your Mama Muse & Why?

My Mama Muse is my own Mother. Although we don't live in the same town, I have so much love and respect for her as mother, wife, sister and friend.

She always goes above and beyond to help the needy, care for the sick, love her own family unconditionally and is a fierce warrior who has overcome many obstacles in her own life.

The greatest gift she gave us, is her love and respect she has for her husband (our Dad). Their relationship has shaped my own marriage, and I am so grateful for loving example they have been for myself and my 3 siblings.

'Actions speak louder than words' - the greatest lesson I have learnt from her, and a simple truth which I strive to live out with my own family.

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Describe ‘A day in a life of You’

My day starts with a energetic "Mama, its morning!" from my youngest daughter Zoe. If I'm not out for a walk or run, my go-to is a quiet coffee in bed with my family.

As a working mum, my days are full. I adore my work, and I am so grateful that it allows me the flexibility to fit in school drop offs, extra murals and time with the kiddies in the afternoon.

My kids adore their Daddy, so when he's home, they squeal and shout and run around like mad kids. It's too sweet to see their love for their Dad grow every day.

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Meg, Thank you for allowing me to share your feature on my platform. You have the most beautiful family and your girls are ‘trop mignons’. Your authenticity is evident and palpable through this piece and images. Keep spreading your goodness and grace in this world. Us women can learn so much from you.

Megan runs her own business @Fuzemarketing-’breathing new life into brands’-she covers brand strategy, content creation, creative design, social media and more. You can find her on instagram, Facebook and her website www.fuzemarketing.co.za


*Photography credit Michigan Behn & Wilma Towell. Girls dresses: Bunny and Mouse

Styled Shoot: Little Wanderers in the Secret Garden

Styled Shoot: Little Wanderers in the Secret Garden

Mama Muse Jade Moffatt

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