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Mama Muse Jade Moffatt

Mama Muse Jade Moffatt

I will never forget the day I met Jade. The confident new girl who presented her turtle oral with a life sized projection she had drawn, with no que cards... me on the other hand, I was extremely shy and probably read my oral like a book. Our friendship blossomed and we lived in each others pockets throughout our school years, flowing through university days. It has been such an honour growing alongside this special lady and watching her blossom and become A Mother, has been that little extra gift that makes my heart warm.


This is what Jade had to say…

1. Your definition of ‘A Mother’

To be a mother means you will never come first again and that’s ok. It is the true, raw and real definition of unconditional love and sacrifice. To be a mother is the hardest most rewarding experience one can be gifted, to have your heart live outside of your body.


2. Who is your Mama Muse and why?

This may sound cliché but it is true, all mama’s out there that are trying their best are my mama muses.

No one can prepare you for the shock of motherhood, it is like nothing else. As a mother you are physically and emotionally tested from pregnancy, to labour, to birth and don’t even get me started on breastfeeding and then having to keep alive and raise a half decent human to set free into this cruel world. The challenges are endless and any mother that is able to overcome one of these is a muse in my eyes. A big shout out must go to all the working mama’s out there, for me, returning to work was where it all became too over whelming for words, my ultimate working mama muse is of course my own mother, who is still working to this day. Everything about my own mother and who she was and what she did all of a sudden made perfect sense once I became a mother, we are driven by a fierce love.

I also have to give special mention to all the mama’s out there living away from home raising their children and running their homes without their villages around them, like my special friend Stefs Swanepoel, I am honestly not quite sure how you ladies do it because I know I wouldn’t survive, surely you mama’s are a level of muse all on your own?


A Day in the life of YOU?

Connor is a very early bird and likes to wake us up between 4.30 and 5 am demanding tea, cue a big eye roll and Marc and I saying “it’s your turn!”

After making him some tea we put him in front of the tv in the hope we can at least get another half an hour of sleep, this doesn’t usually happen as him being an only child at this stage means mama is his best friend.

The perks of having a husband that works from home means he is very hands on in the morning which is very appreciated by this mama who is known to take some time getting ready, I am working on that.

Work always starts with coffee with my work besties in the canteen, great way to start the day with a laugh.

I have huge fomo that Marc gets to fetch Connor from school (yes I am a slightly obsessed mama) so everyday my team have to endure me having a phone call with him to give me details about the pick-up, sometimes this even includes a video call!

Later on in the afternoon my team has to endure another daily phone call of mine, this time to Connor’s darling angel nanny Zethu, she then gives me the low down on what he’s been eating and how long he has been sleeping, haha as I type this I realise I sound slightly crazy obsessive, but us working mama’s always feel like we are missing out.  Having said that I wouldn’t change it for the world, my work makes me happy and Connor needs a happy mom, that’s something my dear friend Lauren Rodger (Ninow) told me and it has stuck.

After work I usually fetch Connor from my parent’s house, they live 5 doors down from us, talk about the village!  He is usually there with my dad and they have enjoyed an afternoon walk and run around.

Then begins “suicide hour”, I hate that it’s called that but it is so accurate because it is so real and I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like it has got worse with him getting older!  The curse of being a working mama means that this should be your only precious time with your baby in the day but it is the time he is most miserable, and once again the only thing he wants is mama, or sweets! Dinner usually means me cooking straight after work, something that caters for Connor (hidden veg) and satisfies Marc (what about me?).

I put Connor down to bed at about 7.30pm with a story and prayers, and obviously this exhausted mama always falls asleep with him, who doesn’t do that?

Marc eventually gets me to wake up at about 9pm and now I am wide awake, I shower and usually do some face masks (sometimes 3 at a time), sometimes with some red wine, on the couch with Marc watching our latest series, I always have my phone on hand and am usually scrolling beauty blogs or online shops, I think it must be the buyer in me that constantly needs to know what is out there in the world of retail.

We end up in bed at about 10.30, and I like to read my book to fall asleep but Marc will bug me and say you will regret this in the morning turn off the light and go to sleep now.  He is right, every night when we fall asleep at 11pm we say we must go to sleep earlier tomorrow night, knowing that Connor is going to wake us up in about 5 hours’ time, but we never learn.  When else do we get to adult, Connor needs a happy mom remember.  As I lay in bed and try process the whirlwind of the day I have just had I realise how incredibly blessed I am, I want for nothing, ok maybe just thinner arms, but that’s my own thing, and so I fall asleep peacefully with a very full and grateful heart.  Being a mama has complete me.


My poo (I think it is time we find a new nickname). This piece captured your contagious & bubbly personality to a ‘T’.  I am beyond proud of you-you mother with honesty & ease. You are such a beautiful Woman & Mother. Keep shining your light on this world and precious Connors’ life.

Mama Muse Megan Hamann

Mama Muse Megan Hamann

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