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JOONE Interview

JOONE Interview


We were lucky enough to ask JOONE some questions for an interview. If you didn’t already love the brand from my previous review post, this interview will sure convert you.


1. How did JOONE begin? Is there a story behind the name?

Founded by serial entrepreneur Carole Juge, the company was created in June 2017 in Paris, France and has since seen a rapid take up in interest from parents across the country. The  startup’s mission statement is to manufacture and distribute ethically and eco-friendly produced nappies with cute designs in complete transparency with parents.

JOONE was born out of a desire to manufacture a product of the highest possible quality whilst promoting radical transparency and having a positive business attitude in an otherwise opaque industry. At JOONE we’d rather invest in our products than provide profit margins for retailers, so we cut out the middle man and our products are therefore only available on our website https://www.joone.co.uk

We wanted to add our unique French touch to the design of a product that hasn’t been freshened up in years. Since we are based in Paris, our designs are inspired from the world of fashion: we offer a Spring and Summer collection with baby whales and juicy watermelons.The Fall and Winter collection feature chic navy stripes and cute foxes.

About the name JOONE :Besides the fact that we launched the company in June, one of our Directors speaks farsi with his beloved wife and calls her « Joon » all day long on the phone, which means « honey » in that language.

2. We love organic, eco-friendly products & ethical living. What was your reason to decide on producting an eco-responsible diaper & product range?

JOONE promises a strict no-nasties policy to their chic collections. Its nappies are therefore free from chlorine, latex, fragrances, phthalates, organotins, and most common allergens without compromising on softness and absorbency. We believe our products appeal to the generation of parents who want reassurance that their children aren’t exposed to harmful substances.

3. Any insight into new products that you may be working on?

We will launch new prints for our nappies every 3 month, and new dermo-cosmetics products every 6 months :)



Thank you JOONE team for spreading your love, kindness and beautiful product. We are so happy to have you as a part of our Motherkind family. 


Follow Joone on instagram, Facebook and their website www.Joone.fr

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