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Motherload: Surviving without the village

Motherload: Surviving without the village

I couldn’t agree more as to how important a village is. To have a team alongside you to help and aid you every step of the way on the journey of Motherhood. I salute the people that form a village and I’m in awe of the help they provide. I also love reading all the articles on how the village is so important as part of your journey and new chapter.

 Having said that... my concern is, What about the mother’s that don’t have the village? The Mothers living far away from family, friends and familiar support? Where are the articles to encourage them through the good and bad days of Motherhood? The pearls and advice for them to plough through the rough times? Where to look for a Time-out or help with the kids to go for a much needed massage to ease the load?

 You will be surprised as to how many Mothers do this without villagers. With the mindset to get through every day with the support of their spouse. That dates nights are kind of non-existant and time alone is when the kids are sleeping, but then more often than not that time is spent doing house work, cooking or tidying up.

I know this, because I am one of those Mothers. 

In fact, I know many of them and although we may not chat on a daily basis, we are unconsciously a village, supporting each other and fully  understanding each other.

To these Mothers. I salute you. You are doing an amazing job and I am proud of you. You are stronger than you know.

To the Mothers that have the support of a familiar village, I salute you too. You too are doing an amazing job and I am couldn’t be happier for you having a support system. Please never take your village for granted and please always thank them for their continuous help.

You are part of a village.

Mothers supporting Mothers. Women supporting Women. 


One Love

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