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Mama Muse Carmen Massey

Mama Muse Carmen Massey

What an honour to feature this Mama. The most natural beauty I know, an absolute gem of a bestie, a dynamic working Mother & second sister (we would always be asked if we were sisters).

Carms & I met at the right place, at the right time and were literally inseparable-that is until we moved to France, but our friendship continued to flourish despite living in different countries.

Carms has two beautiful girls, Kyla & Morgan. She mothers with honesty, ease and I love how transparent she is about life & motherhood. It is not easy being apart as we both bring up our children, but we maintain our close bond through many voice notes and messages.


This is what Carmen had to say

Your definition of a mother :

A mother is someone that loves unconditionally. Her children always come first before her own needs. She has to be there for her children when they are sad and when they are happy and teach them what is right and wrong.

Becoming a mother was the greatest privilege in my life and I wake up everyday with a full heart. 


Who is your mama muse & why :

My mama muse as cliche as it is, is my own mother. Anything can get thrown at her and she will still come out fighting and be stronger than ever. She inspires me everyday to be the best that I can be.

Another mama muse has to be Chrissy Teigen. I admire her  for being “real” despite the huge spotlight she has on her. She doesn’t feel the need to look perfect straight after having her babies and is not afraid of showing the world what it is like to be a real mom, raw and natural.


Describe ‘A day in a life of ‘You’:

A standard day for us starts in bed drinking tea and watching peppa pig (of course...). As I am still on maternity leave with Morgan we have enjoyed going for walks on the promenade while Kyla is at school and then we spend the afternoon playing.

Soon I will be back at my full time job but knowing both my babies are in the safest hands possible at home and at school gives me peace of mind.

In the evenings Kyla loves to have a long bath or shower and play with her toys, lately Morgan has been bathing with her so it’s slightly different. Followed by some down time in bed reading three books before bed.

I must admit I am a terrible reader but since I have been on maternity leave I have gotten back into it and I really enjoy my evenings reading once the girls are asleep and whilst Ryan studies for a huge exam he has coming up.


Carms, I loved your feature. Thank you for your beautiful friendship, whilst living seas apart. I am so proud of you-You are a dynamic wife, Mother & special friend. Keep being you, always. Your girls are so lucky to have you as their Mama & role model. It has been an honour to stand alongside you and watch you blossom into a beautiful woman.

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