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Mama Muse Shiela Ho

Mama Muse Shiela Ho

It has been so wonderful getting to know Shiela through social media. Yet another Mama who has inspired me through this platform. She is not only a vision, but her authenticity equally matches this. She is a Mama to two beautiful darlings. Shiela mothers with intuition & natural flare and the connection she has with her two children and husband is so felt through her platform. A Model Mama & Muse-I love her honesty and appreciation for beauty in all forms.



Here is what Shiela had to say...

Your definition of A Mother

A mother is a selfless loving human who must sacrifice many of her needs for the wants and needs of her children. Being a mother is perhaps the hardest, most rewarding job a woman will ever experience.

Who is you Mama Muse and why?

I don’t have a Muse really.

I  take my hat off to all the moms out there because they all do an amazing job and I personally know how challenging every day is. 


Describe ‘A day in my life’

My days are packed and I need to be very organised and structured to get it all done.

Me waking up at 6am and getting ready. I do some emails before my kids wake up. Making breakfast for the munchkins and pack lunchbox for play school.

Waking up my prince, feed him, and off to play school.

Taking princess along to our café in Woodstock and working until I fetch my son again.

Depending on the day and the season I still attend castings and auditions myself or with the kids to book some tv commercials.

We also try to keep our kids as busy during the day as possible for them then to fall asleep very easily when it is bed time.

There is never a boring day with #teamfuchs


Shiela, Thank you for allowing me to share a snippet of yourself on my platform. Thank you for your soul and grace. I know I am not the only woman who is inspired by you. I cannot wait to visit your beautiful cafe next time we visit Cape Town.

You can find Shiela on instagram at handle @shielaho

Her cafe in Woodstock is beautiful. Situated in her husbands gallery-the instagram handle is @dcoredesign

Mama Muse Carmen Massey

Mama Muse Carmen Massey

Styled Shoot: Little Wanderers in the Secret Garden

Styled Shoot: Little Wanderers in the Secret Garden