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Styled Shoot: Little Wanderers in the Secret Garden

Styled Shoot: Little Wanderers in the Secret Garden

I had a vision for a Winter styled shoot that had been brewing for months. I spent time searching for the perfect items, hours of research to showcase the best brands. Brands I hold close to my heart, the dynamic women behind the brands whom I have been so lucky to get to know, brands who are ethical, sustainable & product I can back 100% and in turn, a chance to win selected items we showcase in this shoot, may it be product or a generous voucher.

The shoot took place at the most breathtaking garden near Sarlat called les Jardin du Manoir d’Eryignac.

Natalie & I collaborated on this shoot, It felt so natural to work together again. She is one very talented woman & she has taught me so much about my own camera.

I must admit, the weather was against us, but the outcome was a romantic & playful ambiance. Angelic-like.

Watching the friendship between Liela & Chloé Belle unfold is one of beauty & honesty. These two darlings had not seen each other for about 3 months, but it was as though they had never been a day a part. They laughed, ran around in the dewy grass and occasionally gave us endearing smiles. Nat & I love shooting the girls naturally, ensuring we capture their blossoming personalities and most importantly making sure they have fun.

May the photos speak for themselves and allow you to escape on a whimsical adventure.



Liela & Chloé are wearing Bear Bear & Me handmade vintage inspired shoes. These beauties are made from the softest leather that mould the foot perfectly. The girls frolicked and ran in them with ease and comfort. I am so impressed with this brand. Carmen exudes passion and love for her product and it shines through in the quality she offers. At the end of this shoot, the girls shoes were covered in mud and I was slightly worried as I have battled to remove marks and mud stains from my own leather shoes. A soft cloth & warm water did the trick-the shoes look brand new after wiping them. Carmen offers a range of different styles & colours, perfect to custom make a pair for your little one or they make the perfect gift for someone special.


The uniquely smocked dresses are Bunny & Mouse. You all know my love for this brand. If I had the choice, Chloé would wear smock dresses for forever (I would even love one for myself). Hand stitched & made in South Africa, Claire has created something special for us. From the intricacy of each smock design, to the sourcing of the most pure fabrics to the endearing styles-these dresses are the ultimate ‘party attire’. Each dress takes up to 2-3 weeks to make, a true labour of love. Empowering the community located in Inchanga Township, through Bunny & Mouse many people were taught skills to smock and given jobs.


The girls are wearing Collegien ribbed stockings. A proudly designed and manufactured French brand. Established 72 years ago, a true testament to quality & passion. Ethically & sustainably made. A company passed done from generation to generation, Collegien boasts a range of stockings, socks, slippers & accessories for the whole family. The quality of their product is flawless, Chloé has worn her stockings over & over and they still look brand new and intact. Once you purchase your first pair of Collegien stockings you will never look back.

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Mama Muse Shiela Ho

Mama Muse Shiela Ho

Mama Muse Megan Hamann

Mama Muse Megan Hamann