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Pukka Herbs Tea Digestive series

Pukka Herbs Tea Digestive series

My love for Pukka Herbs Tea is no secret. A firm favourite in our household, with a vast selection of herbal infusions that make tea exciting and even more delicious to drink.

Having suffered with digestive issues and gut health problems during the past few years, being fully aware that outside factors play a huge role, what we feed our body is equally as important and I truly believe in the power of healing through nutrition.

For the past few months, I have been trying the Pukka Herbs tea digestive series which compiles of three different tea infusions


Lemon, ginger & manuka honey (citron, gingembre et miel de Manuka)-pure perfection in a mug. This has soothed my stomach on more occasions than I can remember. My favourite time to drink this is in the morning if I have had a heavy night before-in which I mean, a dinner date with an overload of delicious food and maybe one too many alcoholic beverages (because, balance). I always tend to wake up slightly puffy and bloated. This tea works magic, everytime-an extra squeeze of french lemon and teaspoon of raw manuka honey makes this the drink of dreams. This infusion also contains  licorice root, elderflower, sweet fennel and turmeric root making it a winning combination.


Three Fennel (trois fenouils)-soothing sweet & wild fennel seeds and the leaf only. This one has been my go-to option after a heavy lunch. It has the most inviting aroma and perfectly soothing after a big meal. It has eased my digestion and helped my bloat if I have eaten something my body battles to digest.


After dinner (après dîner)-This blend is sure to help the digestive process. A combination of sweet fennel, roasted chicory and cardamom, the name says it all and has been a perfect end to a dinner, especially if after dinner consists of a dessert, this tea allows me to wake up feeling fresh and light.

I pride myself and this platform, to only show and talk about products and brands I can 100% back, products I truly believe in, that have improved my quality of life . Authentic companies that offer the absolute best, help the planet and our earth and that truly want the best for their consumers and are transparent with their information, work and ingredients they use. Pukka herbs is one of these dynamic companies. They offer a range of teas that aid different ailments, health problems and overall want to restore your body to its perfect working form.

Every Pukka Herbs box of tea directly connects you to some positive change in our world: They are 100% bio organic Non GMO ingredients, support Fair Wild, Fair for Life with 1% of all revenue going directly to environmental projects.


Each box is perfectly illustrated, naturally being made with care as the design is printed with vegetable ink on the carton that is 100% recyclable. The string on each tea bag is organic, and because there is no staple on the teabag, they are wildlife friendly to compost.

Every facet has been carefully thought through with no detail left out, so you can enjoy every cup of tea with peace of mind and a warm heart.

If you want to read more about this amazing company please visit pukkaherbs.com and enlighten yourselves on the pearls of information they offer, alongside an amazing range of teas to choose from.

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