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Meet The FamShop Mamas

Meet The FamShop Mamas

What a privilege it is meeting and connecting with dynamic women. This is what Instagram and blogging is all about for me. It honestly leaves me inspired and in awe of people doing good in this world.

Today I am here to chat to you about a dynamic duo.


Suret and Lauren founders of The Fam Shop-a Range of beautiful tees, inspired by family that connect us humans and make us proud to be ourselves. A business which allows everyone to feel like someone special and part of a… Family.


‘Both of us grew up in the Boland in a small wine town called Wellington.

We grew up and went to school together and were also next door neighbours. We have been friends for the last 24 years.

After our studies we travelled to the UK and worked for a few years in the hospitality industry, doing a little hotel and bar work to survive. We then returned to SA and Suret moved up to Durban. Lauren lived in Cape Town at the time and Suret then ended up back in the UK.

We both settled down and started our families, Suret has 2 kids, Jack (3 years) and Harper (1,1/2 yrs) and Lauren has a daughter Alex Lila (2 years)

We always stayed in touch, having late night chats after the kids where in bed. Lauren had already left her job in advertising and I was teaching part time in the UK. One night we decided that we wanted to start a small business together, doing something creative and meaningful. Something that we had full control over and that could fit into our lifestyles as new moms.

So we came up with The Fam Shop. An online store, that we could both run from home, selling products inspired by family. We started out quite small but have now grown our product range and have introduced a few local collaborations. We love supporting local and small businesses and this just came naturally.

Now Suret is back and settled in Durban and Lauren still lives in Cape Town.


  What is your definition of ‘A Mother’ 

Suret - For me being a mom means you experience unconditional love. It also means never putting yourself first.ever again. It means you get to see the world from a totally different perspective, appreciating daily things that tend to go unnoticed as you get caught up in being an adult. To me it also means that you learn to love yourself again when you see how amazing your body can be growing an actual human!

Lauren - I can name but a few obvious things that defines being a Mother, but one that personally defines it for me is 'NOT PERFECT'.

The 'struggle is real' when it comes to the pressures of becoming and being a Mother and I feel like I question every decision I make on everything.

Embracing the truth that I'm not perfect and constantly reminding myself that you are enough and you are doing enough is what makes motherhood the role I am most proud of. Itis bittersweet.

I'm not sure who said this but I try to remind myself most days - 'There is no way to be a perfect mother...but a million ways to be a good one'


Who is your Mama Muse & why? 

 Suret- I don’t really have one exact person that I would say is my mama muse. I do look up and learn from every single one of my friends that have kids. I learn from all their journeys and all the things they do. In the early days I felt inspired by a lot of amazing mammas on social media. It was definitely my ‘go-to’ during those crazy newborn cluster feed sessions throughout the night.  My own mom has taught me the value and importance in terms of your relationship with your husband. It starts with that support, always working as a team and having that rock solid foundation to be strong together.

Lauren - My mama muses are all the fearless Mothers out there, mothers embracing change, who are reinventing the rules of what it means to be a good mother or parent.

Those making the most of the time we have with our kids and making it a better place for them to grow up in.



In short, describe a ‘Day in the life of you’ 

A day in the life of us, The Fam Shop. We start with an early morning recap of what happened in terms of orders the previous day. Seeing that our business is solely online, half of The Fam Shop based in Durban and the other half in Cape Town, we are constantly on the phone to each other. Late mornings we discuss content planning or new ideas and then again late at night, when our little humans have made their way to bed, we have a chat again. So it’s basically a whole lot of WhatsApp messages, phone calls and emails day in and day out.


How was the ‘Fam shop’ born & where do you see it in 5-10 years from now?

The whole idea of The Fam Shop came from the need to feel like you belong again. As new parents you often find yourself wondering how to adapt to this new identity. You feel torn between your old life and the new you.We wanted  these people to embrace this new identity and feel proud of who they have become and proud of what they have achieved by starting a family, just as we do.

We started off last year October by creating tees branded ‘Mamma’ and then branched out into the whole family over the holiday season, ie, Pappa, ouma, oupa, tannie, kid…..etc. This year we have introduced new designs and accessories such as jewelry, bags, baby blankets, etc and hope to grow and extend on this idea in the years to come.

It is called ‘The Fam Shop’ because we wanted something that made people aware that it is a brand for the whole family. The name had to be easy on the tongue and simple to remember. Our logo was inspired by the idea of a family crest. We hope to create a brand that you all love and love to wear and that you will become part of our #famgang in the future.


Thank you Suret & Lauren for sharing your journey with me and in turn, my platform. Thank you for inspiring me. Your passion & drive is so evident through your business and it is an honour to stand alongside you as a fellow Mama, one whom will cheer you on and wish you only happiness and success for years to come.

Be sure to visit www.thefamshop.co.za and browse their awesome range of garments.

You can also view what they are up to on instagram and keep up to date on new products: @thefamshop_sa

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