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Haakaa by HeyKiwi product review

Haakaa by HeyKiwi product review

Haakaa by HeyKiwi is a company that marries my ethos at Motherkind. Co-owned by cousins, Haylee & Nicole. Their online store is about ethical products made from recyclable & ‘kinder to the planet’ materials. Their mission is to find, source and even make products to help Mums, kids & families lives easier & healthier.

It was an honour to receive a surprise box of goodies, tailor fit for myself, Chloé & Ollie.

I have spent the last few weeks reviewing each item, doing my own research and asking my kids how they felt about the products they received. I’m here to give you my honest opinion so here goes…


The silicone sippy tops:

These silicone tops are made from food grade silicone, BPA free & recyclable, were perfect for our vacation in South Africa. The kids always had them packed in their bags when we left the house. They fit and stretch onto many sized cups, they are easy to clean (just rinse with lukewarm water) and it saved many spills when we ate out. Luckily we were equipped with our stainless steel straws, but if you dont own those, then these tops are perfect if restaurants do not provide paper straws. I always found it more convenient to order my kids a small juice with straw, but now shy away as they come attached with plastic straw. These sippy tops can easily fit over a glass of a fresh pressed juice or water. The colour is fun and the shapes are so cute. Chloé still thinks her one is an apple, even though it is a round and has the perfect incision to place a straw.


Stainless steel straw with cleaning brush:

I love the thought behind all the items from Haakaa. All lightweight to fit inside my ‘mom bag’ without the feeling of carrying the entire ‘kitchen sink’, they look good and are practical at the same time. This pouch of stainless steel straws are always in my bag-each pack contains 3 stainless steel straws and cleaning brush. After use I always clean them straight away-so quick, easy & one less thing to remember when returning home. The kids always ask for their straws-it blows my mind how they can so quickly learn and through education, they too are making such a difference to our beautiful planet. Chloé also has no filter-she has no fear to loudly say ‘Agh Mom, this restaurant has plastic straws, please can I have my special straw’.


silicone food wrap

Food grade silicone food wrap. Recyclable & BPA free-because Haakaa remove all the nasty ingredients.

Yes, I love my beeswax, but within time it cracks and it doesn’t mould the bowl/item as well as this silicone food wrap. I can also see what food I have covered, unlike the beeswax where I have to lift up every item in the fridge (this is the story of my life). Having said that, I use a combination of both. This transparent food wrap is practical, aesthetically minimal and honestly the better option for keeping food fresher for longer in the fridge.


Thermal stainless steel drinking bottle


After letting go of reusable plastic bottles, I welcomed glass bottles-it was always a stress, incase it cracked or dropped. Dew also would quickly form on the exterior & would wet everything & on many occasions ruined items and destroyed many paper documents.

This lightweight stainless steel option is goals. Minimal, lightweight, keeping the content hot or cold-depending on the temperature you filled it with, for 6 hours or longer. Perfect for the kids to use. No dew forms on the outside & they are not dangerous. I am converted and long may mine last. Waiting patiently for Haakaa to introduce kid-size ones, even though my kids steal mine all the time.


So to conclude, I am highly satisfied with the quality, aesthetic and practicality of the products I received from Haakaa by Hey Kiwi. I have not tested the entire range, but from what I have used and seen, I can only imagine they have filtered a consistency throughout every product they offer. Life-span of the items? I will be sure to get back to you on this one (I will give them all a good 6 months of usage) and let you know how I feel about this point.


You can find Haakaa by HeyKiwi on instagram at haakaasa

direct link to their internet site: www.heykiwi.co.za/

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