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Cold to hot climate travelling

Cold to hot climate travelling

We are spending Christmas with family in Mauritius this year. Much excitement in our household, but the drastic change in temperature made me feel a bit nervous.

We are currently experiencing a very cold winter in France so we will be travelling in layers and we will arrive to the peak of Summer on the island, with very European skin.

So much change happens during winter in France-not only our entire wardrobes, but our skin routines, activities for kids as outdoor play is limited, foods we crave and cook, vitamins are boosted, exercise needs motivation. Mentally I always have to prepare for the change of weather as less sun can effect your energy levels and natural vitamin D.

I spent some time researching and gathering some of my favourite organic products-I feel this is Important to focus on for a change of season vacation. I also didn’t want to bombard our bodies with unnecessary chemicals so finding the safest most gentle products was the plan. 

Here are some of the products that will be packed in our luggage:

Hydrating sprays-we posted a coconut water & rose infused mist on our blog that is perfect otherwise the Avène thermal spring water spray is light & refreshing

sun care-Oh lief SA has a beautiful silky smooth & paraban free option

vitamins-PEDIAKID chewwies are great otherwise we travel with ZymaD drops given to us by our paediatrician 

linen and organic cotton clothing-Aden & Anais have beautiful bamboo cotton bodys and their bamboo swaddles make the perfect doudou, sun cover and light blanket for babies & toddlers-I don’t travel without them. They are also so light making them easy to pack in-between your other items.

Coconut oil-can be used for everything and is safe to use for the whole famliy. As a diaper cream, moisturiser, sun burn soother, to remove your make up, hydrate your skin, as a hair mask, a substitute to toothpaste.  The list goes on… Due to its’ weight I always decant a small amount into a travel bottle and purchase a large bottle at our final destination.

aloe vera lotion is the perfect natural cream to soothe irritated or sun burnt skin, aloe vera water is also the perfect drink to keep hydrated and soothe a sore tummy. If you are able to find fresh aloe vera it can be sliced and applied directly onto your sunburn. It is not recommended to be ingested by kids-please do your research beforehand.

Staying hydrated is key-having said this, it is important to keep hydrated during winter too. I always find it so hard to drink water in winter so infused waters and rooibos tea are my ‘go to’ and I try keep my coffee intake to a minimum. *insert disappointed face*

Overnight luggge always has an extra outfit and pyjamas for the evenings-taking all the layers off once we land. I always feel so dehydrated during long haul flights-I always buy extra water before boarding and make sure the whole family keep hydrated throughout the travels. I then ensure all our skin is moisturized-applying heavy hydrating cream it to our faces, hands and feet. For my kids I love Bioderma Atoderma Intensif baume. Adults can use it too.

Once we arrive at our island destination monitoring the kids sun exposure, continually applying sun cream and ensuring they drink are the 3 things I would recommend. Slops for hot sand/stones and if you are able to get your little ones in long sleeve swimming tops i’d recommend it, even if it is just for the first few days. I know this all might sound a little extreme, but coming from European Winter and then arriving to the peak of Summer can be dangerous, even for adults/children who are used to daily sun exposure/sunny climates. Sun burn can be so painful & uncomfortable and can hinder your holiday limiting you from further activities outdoors.

We are ready… now to finish the family packing.

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Our family Christmas

Our family Christmas

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